Why Cotoco

Discover the unique research, experience and people that combine to transform our customers' businesses.
Why Cotoco

Our core beliefs and values

At Cotoco, we believe that:

  1. The best way to improve company performance is to provide support every day to everyone
  2. Everyone can adopt winning behaviours if they can access the knowledge, insight and techniques of top performers
  3. Technology can be used to enable everyone to access best practice and to drive changes in behaviour

At Cotoco we are driven by our values, we:

  • Drive long term value growth for our partners and customers
  • Strive to make complex simple
  • Aim to make difficult easy
  • Pioneer developments in performance support technology

Our expertise

Cotoco is expert at capturing the best practice behaviours that differentiate top performers and packaging those behaviours in an accessible way so that average performers can emulate the winning behaviours.

We have a unique combination of research, experience and people that transform our customers' businesses.

Our solutions

For over 18 years Cotoco has continually developed its flexible technology platform and linked this with the largest research project in the world looking at the behaviours of top performers. This flexible framework has enabled performance support tools to be applied to many different industries, clients and roles.

Our solutions have been widely adopted to drive sales growth and to market new products and innovations. They have also been used to significantly reduce operational costs for marketing, technical support, order processing, stock management and other back-office processes.

Our credentials

Cotoco has been established since 1994 and developed solutions to drive value for a range of blue chip companies. The valued relationship we have with our customers is demonstrated through the long standing relationships we have developed as a trusted supplier and partner. We have worked with HSBC, B&Q, Cisco and others for over 10 years.

Our work has also been recognised for technical innovation and driving change. We have gained industry recognition as winners of the e-business Innovation Award two years in a row. We have also been recognised by our customers, as runner up in the Cisco Global Marketing Awards for Operational Excellence.