What's different about Cotoco?

We have a markedly different approach...and what we do is complementary and additive to existing approaches of driving sales growth.
Approach Different because... Complementary because...
Sales Methodologies There are many sales methodologies, some may work for you, some may not. We take a different, lower risk approach - helping you to systematically scale what is already proven to work for you i.e. what your top performers are doing. If you use a particular sales methodology, we can build a tool to help your people implement it, and we can further enhance it by adding your top performers' approach.
Training We provide on-the-job day to day support - so people don't have to try to remember it all in one go. We can build content into a sales support toolkit to help people implement what they have learned on a course. This helps transition training to the field.
Sales Consultants We not only consult, we also have a technology platform that is proven to assist sales people in the field implement improved customer engagement. If you already have consultants working to develop sales strategy and process, we can provide the platform to implement at scale.
Intranets/Websites Intranets contain everything and help people who know what they're looking for when they're online. We provide job focused toolkits that are available on and offline. This ensures that sales people can access sales support when travelling or with customers even if there is not an Internet connection. We don't reinvent wheels - we make existing content more accessible by layering, dynamic filtering and 'just-in-time' techniques. We make sure sales people can find what they need quickly and efficiently.
Business Process Organisations BPOs focus on business processes. We deal with behavioural processes - the things top performers often don't know that they do. We can enhance the effectiveness of business processes by adding the human to human dimension.
Internal Departments Being external is often an advantage (your customer's are external too!), so we bring objectiveness, we remove jargon for example to ensure value propositions are clear. We work with internal departments to accelerate delivery, to help marketing and training improve the support sales people receive in the field.
CRM CRM is designed to collate sales activity information to help manage a pipeline. We target the human interaction that makes a sale happen. We complement CRM by making sales activity more effective - helping sales people identify customer priorities they can help with, and to quickly build confidence and competence to engage with customers.

We have many 10 year plus relationships.

One of our customers has a sales support toolkit in use for 14 years. Indeed the director who comes to us to maintain was one of the first sales people to use it. He knows how effective it was, and how it made his job easier, and is making sure his sales people continue to benefit from it.