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CC Moore achieves 25% increase in website revenue in 2014, while making continued cost and time savings

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Cotoco continues to support CC Moore to grow their online business selling top quality fishing baits. As well as on-going growth in retail customers, 2014 also reaped the benefits of enabling trade customers to order online.

Regular e-marketing reaches out to over 30,000 anglers to let them know about the latest special offers and new products, making sure that they do not miss out on opportunities to improve their catch rate. Engagement is boosted further through the regular competitions to win bait.

2014 has also seen time and cost savings made possible through CCMoore’s bespoke ERP system, further integration with couriers, and the introduction of barcoding in the fulfilment process.

Cotoco designs, updates and manages the e-commerce website, develops back office functionality and provides business intelligence to support strategy development. Over the last eight years Cotoco has enabled CC Moore to extend their online market, interact with customers, improve the efficiency of their fulfilment and increase their business twenty fold.


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Imago ScanSource launch new channel sales support tool

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Imago ScanSource, Europe's largest video solutions company, have just launched a new portal to provide sales support to their channel partners in the field.

Produced by Cotoco, the portal helps resellers to increase their solution selling skills and adopt a systematic approach to identifying the key business challenges that customers face. It can then be used to establish customers' high level visual collaboration requirements and automatically recommend popular solution sets that meet those requirements.

Given the myriad of product combinations that are hard to put together initially, the portal not only ensures customers get what they need, but also provides a powerful learning tool. New sales people can quickly investigate how to put together product combinations to cater for specific needs.

This new solution selling portal will make a huge difference to our reseller community. It has captured our expertise and delivers it into the hands of sales people.

Wayne Mason, Head of Group Products and Marketing, Imago ScanSource.
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Big 4 iPad toolkit

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Delivered as an iPad app, this specialist support tool is accessible everywhere, enabling improved collaboration with clients.

Cotoco develops a toolkit for a specialist team in a Big 4 accounting firm to support their clients in addressing a broad range of accounting and reporting challenges. Delivering the toolkit as an iPad app (in addition to the windows and web-based versions), makes the support tool even more accessible and encourages more collaborative exploration of client needs.

As the team rapidly expands, the toolkit enables staff to understand the broad and growing range of services that are on offer. It is also a client-facing tool that allows CFOs to clearly understand how they can benefit from the firm's vast experience and the value the firm can deliver to their business.

Cotoco creates psoriasis self-care website to improve management of long term condition

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Capturing the expertise of a dermatology specialist, Cotoco design a journey to help improve the way users manage their condition and make it easy to put into practice.

Cotoco captures the expertise of dermatology specialist nursing consultant Julie Van Onselen and creates a website to help people with psoriasis, a long term condition.

Whilst there is a wealth of information out there, it's often difficult to know what's relevant and what isn't. It can also be hard to interpret the complex information presented. Usually this means that people are not dealing with their condition in an optimum way which can really affect their quality of life.

Cotoco designed a simple journey to help improve the treatment routine used to manage the condition. The site makes it easy to understand the issues and to follow what’s relevant. It doesn't use long medical words that people find off-putting. The journey culminates in creating a personalised action plan for individual users to make it easy to put into practice.

Psoriasis self-care journey

The impact of the site was measured by Professor Ersser and his team - they found that over 45% of users changed the way they managed their long term condition as a result of using the site. This demonstrated a statistically significant increase in the users’ ability to self-care.

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HSBC UK Economy Explained website undergoes a major revamp

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The UK Economy Explained website is enabling students and teachers to untangle some of the mysteries of the real world and find out about the performance of the British economy.

Cotoco have been working with HSBC to enable them to share their expertise and experience on contemporary economic issues with teachers and students. As a world-leading bank, HSBC understands how critical education is to the development and prosperity of every country.

Together, HSBC and Cotoco have produced a comprehensive and practical guide to current developments in the UK economy, by making the knowledge of the bank’s economists and policymakers widely available. Looking at a global and local perspective of the economy, it keeps students in touch with latest developments and hot topics.

This analysis of recent events in the economy is delivered through a website, with a major update released at the start of 2014. Having first launched in 2001, it successfully continues to be a key up-to-date educational resource, with further regular updates planned.

HSBC UK Economy Explained home page

Topical Corticosteroids website helps educate dermatology nurses

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Cotoco produces a comprehensive educational resource for healthcare professionals to enable more effective use of topical steroids leading to better patient outcomes.

Cotoco produces a medical educational website for Typharm to address a real need from healthcare professionals for an increased awareness and understanding of topical corticosteroids.

Typharm is a UK based pharmaceutical company with a special interest in dermatology. Typharm understands the importance of healthy skin and their mission is to contribute to better patient outcomes in skin care through the provision of education and innovative pharmaceutical solutions.

Although topical corticosteroids are the most frequently prescribed of all dermatological drugs, there are misconceptions about their use and comprehensive information is not readily available to help healthcare professionals support their patients. Making use of thorough research and capturing best practice the website draws together information, on what corticosteroids are, why use them and how to use them, into the first comprehensive educational resource on their effective use.

Typharm supports healthcare professionals through an educational website on topical corticosteroids

Along with ‘Pause and Reflect’ sections and interactive case studies to consolidate learning, the time taken studying the website contributes towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Through the website, Typharm have been able to support over 4,000 healthcare professionals that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to reach.

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Cotoco develops a Budgeting and Planning Assessment Tool for Finance Directors

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The assessment tool enables FDs to focus on the challenges they face in their budgeting process, and enables them to create a personalised business case report to support better informed improvement decisions.

Cotoco develops a Budgeting and Planning Assessment Tool for Finance Directors. Cotoco captured the vast expertise and best practice from Granger Smith Consulting and the IBM Cognos team and packaged it in a simple to use tool.

The assessment tool enables FDs to focus on the challenges they face in their budgeting process, such as time-consuming manual processes, error-prone spreadsheets or the inability to plan in sufficient details to effectively manage the business. It then demonstrates how Granger Smith Consulting and IBM Cognos can overcome those challenges.

It also addresses the perceived barriers to adopting a budgeting and planning tool and implementing controlled processes, dispelling the myth that this is only for enterprise level businesses. Finally, through a few short questions the tool creates a personalised business case report designed to support better informed improvement decisions.

Budgeting and Planning Assessment Tool for Finance Directors

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