Who we are

Cotoco harnesses technology to enable everyone to excel in unfamiliar or complex situations. We deliver a range of performance improvement and accelerated learning software based tools to provide on-the-job support.

Our vision

Cotoco strongly believes that the best way to improve corporate performance is through the development of staff and spreading of best practice. We know that the most effective way to do this is to provide on-the-job support - not one off training courses or e-learning modules. That is why we have spent 15 years capturing the behaviours of top performers and developing performance support software tools that spread best practice in a simple and accessible way, whenever and wherever it is needed.

Our background

Cotoco's core team has been leading developments in work place learning for nearly 30 years. The foundations for the business were built around the experience of Don Fuller, founder and CTO, who pioneered computer based training since the development of the BBC microcomputer in the 1980s.

When IBM launched the PC, the business moved into the corporate environment and led the development of e-learning programmes. These programmes included training 40,000 back-office staff at Barclays Bank on a new clearing system within a two week period.

In 1994, Cotoco was born out of a move away from e-learning to on-the-job learning through support tools. As the e-learning market became more commoditised and less effective, Cotoco pioneered performance support tools to better e-quip people to achieve more.

Since then Cotoco has continually developed its technology platform and linked this with the largest research project in the world looking at the behaviours of top performers. The result is an approach to spreading best practice and simplifying solutions that has had a dramatic effect on the performance of our clients.

Meet the directors

Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones is Chief Executive Officer of Cotoco and primarily responsible for customer delivery.

Gareth has experience of driving sales growth as Managing Director of Strainstall, a group of engineering and technology companies which grew sales from £11M to £25M. He has a proven ability to set and implement successful growth strategies through acquisitions, integrations, global expansion and organic growth.

Gareth also has Professional Service sector experience from his role as a senior manager in audit with Ernst & Young in the UK and Canada.

 gareth.jones@cotoco.com +44 (0)7748 106237

Don Fuller
Founder & CTO

Don Fuller is the Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Cotoco and the principal visionary behind the award-winning software platform.

In the mid-eighties, Don wrote successful educational games for the BBC microcomputer and 50% of the initial software bundled with the Amstrad computer. He then moved on to develop large-scale e-learning applications for banks and insurance companies and was recognised with an International Award from the Banking and Finance sector.

Don has been an integral part of all of Cotoco's performance support tools and delivered solutions to the Technology, Banking, Retail, Engineering and Healthcare markets.

 don.fuller@cotoco.com  +44 (0)7831 242244

The Board is supported by a highly experienced team of project managers, designers, programmers and graphics artists led by Julie Brew, Operations Manager.